Cansu Bradford


Hola! I’m Cansu – a student of life, culture seeker, weightlifting addict, certified personal trainer, dog mom, and soon-to-be student of economics. I’m the writer behind this blog. My name, pronounced “jon-sue,” is a Turkish name that translates roughly to “life water” in English.

I started this blog to document my journey towards better health. Overtime, it started evolving into a space to share my personal growth beyond my physical aspects. Just as I am a living, breathing, and changing being, this blog is also an evolving entity of my experiences. Spending much of my time reading and thinking, I write a lot about the mental gains I’ve acquired over the years. Many of you who’ve been following since the beginning know that I started from a dark and complicated place. This blog features many of my feats towards the light. This post about dropping out of college is a good place to start.

In all honesty, the early stages of this blog were posts that I thought I needed to write to get views. Many of my older titles are click-bait. As I’ve grown, in 2018 I’m stepping away from click-bait articles that have been written a million times, and stepping towards raw human experience. Maybe this will cause me to lose followers, but I’ll be gaining a love for what I’m writing about. Think of my “lessons learned” posts as my diary entries for the public. After all, this is a place for me to write about how I am growing stronger, whether it’s mental or physical, with goals of inspiring you to grow as well.

In the last few years, I’ve traveled to 15 different countries, each leaving a lasting impression on my soul. There is something to learn from every new place on the earth. This blog may encompass some of my thoughts on the world in the future.

So if you’ve made it this far, thank you. I don’t expect many people read “About” pages, making you a rare gem in the social world. The goal of this entire blog is to serve you, the reader, and to express my growth as a human being. I hope that my feats inspire you to grow stronger.

Happy living,




  1. Phil Ryan

    Hi Cansu, that’s a lovely ‘about’ page. Best wishes for your success.
    I’m after a gentle, very gentle, introduction to yoga. I’m old but enjoy cycling. I’m currently cajoling a tender hamstring to get better and, like last Winter with a calf strain, am losing fitness with each week that passes. (Last ride – 14th December, and then there was Christmas, new year….arggghhh)
    so some yoga (of the very gentle variety) may help. Is this the place to start?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cansu Ashley

      Hey Phil, thanks for the kind words. Yes – yoga is a great place to start. There are several videos on a site called
      You can specify the level (beginner) and the time frame that works for you. You can also choose the type of yoga. It’s all free with an account. I highly recommend the videos on that site. Hope it helps! Take care 🙂

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  2. Sanjiv Pandey

    Hi Cansu, thank you for liking my blog.. We share the same philosophy of giving tools for self-improvement free. Only the domains are different (or complimentary, maybe). You are taking care of the body and mine is focussed on mind and energy management.
    Nice to know about you. I live in New Delhi, India. Where are you based?
    Looking forward to more from you on you blog.


    1. Cansu Ashley

      Hi Sanjiv, I checked out your blog. Interesting stuff. I’m happy we are able to connect from this platform from different parts of the world.
      I travel every few years. Currently I’m based in Germany!


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