The “Natural” Mask That Burned My Face

Remember that time I burned my face trying a new hydration mask? If you missed that story, here it is in writing…

Afterwards burning my face, I was quite literally scarred from putting any creams, oils, or masks on my face that had ingredients I did not recognize. What’s bothersome is that the culprit which seared my face is marketed as a daily mask, with certified organic and fair trade ingredients. But after taking a look on the back (after my chemical burn, of course), only one of about 25 ingredient abides by this label: shea butter. The back also recommends weekly uses, rather than daily, like the title boldy suggests.

So, I’ve noticed discrepancy with the labeling right from the start, which surely changes my once high opinion of Shea Moisture products.

A few other reviews on for this product:

“I put this mask on and had it on for no more than 1 minutes and my face was BURNING I immediately rinsed it off and my face is now bright red. I would maybe buy this again to give it to someone I hate.”“Within 1 minute of applying this to my face, I felt tingling …. then my face was ON FIRE! I washed it off & was left w/a bright red face. My 21 yr old daughter tried it thinking my skin was maybe sensitive but it did the same thing to her. Smells good but that is the only good thing – awful product.”IMG_1877.jpg

While I was fighting my autoimmune disease, my skin and hair went through hell and back. Dryness, uneven coloration, and eye protrusion became the new norm. Since recovering, I’ve been doing my best to restore my skin and face to the way it was. I’ve tried plenty of retinol creams and eye-rollers to help with the puffiness. I’ve lathered coconut oil, olive oil, and store-bought “elixirs” all over my face and body attempting to repair the dryness caused by Graves’ disease. I’ve rubbed my face with tea bags, coffee grounds, ice, you name it. I’ve bought and wasted many natural and unnatural products to rehabilitate my skin.

My seriously most dreaded photo at the worst of my disease

After scorching my face, I was compelled to do some research on skincare and switch to all natural products. I found that many of the “natural” products had 10 to 20 ingredients that common people wouldn’t know. And almost all the (affordable) skincare products sold in stores contained alcohol. Wth? We all know alcohol dries your skin completely.

On my search to find natural plant-based skincare products, I stumbled across Farmstead Apothecary on Instagram. This brand is created by two individuals, Lauren and her husband Randy, who were also fed up with how difficult it was to find truly natural skincare. They do all the mixing, formulating, bottling, and labelling themselves.

I connected with Lauren, who was kind enough to give me an extra face cream to give away to my readers for the holidays(keep reading on how to enter giveaway). Here’s an excerpt about Lauren and how her family created Farmstead Apothecary:

Lauren and Randy, creators of Farmstead Apothecary

Lauren attended school at Le Cordon Blue in London for French Pastry, where she learned to understand each ingredient on a molecular level, how it interacts with other ingredients, and to build recipes from scratch. Because most of the ingredients in her products are edible, making skin care came naturally to her.

Out of concern for her family’s health, and a growing frustration with synthetic ingredients and expensive natural products, Lauren started using her education to formulate her own products to rid her home of anything with questionable ingredients. But the men in her family are particular and wouldn’t use anything unconventional. Out of necessity she made products that are 100% plant based, organic, easy to use, residue free, and effective.

Awesome and humbling, right?

Many times throughout my autoimmune journey, I felt that my body and face aged five years. Natural products like what Lauren and Randy have created are a savior to people who have struggled with maintaining glowing, blemish- free skin.

With this all said, I’m SO EXCITED to present to you my first ever GIVEAWAY!

I loved Farmstead’s face cream so freaking much, that I wanted to give an entire tub away to one of my amazing readers.

All my favorites in one place

Natural Organic Face Skincare

There’s two ways to enter:

  1. Subscribe to my email list. You can do this on the side bar on this post, or connecting through my contact page. If you’re already a subscriber, leave me a comment below (no account necessary), and I’ll make sure you’re entered. Subscribing gives you TEN entries!
  2. Follow both @strongerbysu and @farmsteadapothecary on Instagram. Then tag your friends in the latest giveaway post, linked below. Each comment with a tagged friend is an entry.

(Note: by subscribing AND following/tagging on instagram, your entries will be doubled)

The winner will be selected on December 18th.

Thanks for reading this far and being a part of this small community! I’m honored to finally be able to give back to you all.

With love,



  1. Molly Levy

    SUP GIRLS ITS ME, I’M SUBSCRIBED (; fun fact my sister got a chemical peel once at a salon and literally had to go to urgent care the next day because her face was pretty much burned off

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