Simple & Sinful Birthday Cake Pancakes

Most of you can probably tell from my Instagram stories that I have a slight obsession with pancakes. I’ve created a TON of different types (see my Healthy Oatmeal Protein Pancakes here), but nothing tops these sinful birthday cake pancakes.

I’ll admit up front, I’m embarrassed to fill you guys in on this recipe. For one, they are SO EASY that it doesn’t feel like I came up with anything unique. And two, the main ingredients come from a box.


These pancakes aren’t made completely from scratch, but I think I would definitely win the award of “Most Delicious Pancakes For How Easy They Are to Make.” Can we make this a thing?

Most Delicious Pancakes
We made it a thing. Pin this for later 🙂

They are a far cry from anything deemed as “healthy.” But good gosh, are they good for the soul! As someone who takes pride in eating healthy, these pancakes are the exact opposite. They are downright dirty, but they are delicious. They will put you in a mini carb-coma, and make you run an extra 3 miles at the gym to burn it off, but it’s so worth it.

These pancakes are sinful.

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Birthday Cake Pancakes

Instead of making these completely from scratch, I used Hungry Jack Pancake Mix. I like using the “just add water” pancake mixes because I don’t have to add eggs. Anyone familiar with vegan pancakes knows how hard it is to create fluffy pancakes from scratch. Plus, I don’t live near a Trader Joe’s or any other hipster grocery store that provides vegan pancake mix. I have to deal with what I have. And while Hungry Jack is not completely vegan, it only has a tiny amount of dairy product and zero cholesterol. That’s a win for me.

The secret ingredient is the yellow cake. Adding half a cup of yellow cake mix changes EVERYTHING you ever knew about pancakes. It turns a #basic pancake into a brag-worthy breakfast of champions.

Surprise your honey on his or her birthday morning with some decadent pancakes.

Or chow down after leaning out for a bodybuilding competition.

Or carb load before a heavy lift session (my excuse for all my unhealthy moments of weakness).

Whatever the occasion, I hope you love them as much as I did!

Birthday Cake Pancake Recipe
Serves 4, about 8 cakes


2 cups Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
1/2 cup yellow cake mix (I used Betty Crocker’s Moist Yellow Cake box)
1/4 cup olive oil
2 cups water
4 tbsp sprinkles (plus more for topping!)

How To:

  1. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat (I used coconut oil, but any oil will do fine).
  2. While the pan is warming up, mix dry ingredients in large bowl, then add oil and water. Mix enough so that sprinkles spread, but not too much to where the batter is soupy. Let the batter sit for a minute.
  3. Once the pan is hot and the batter has fluffed from sitting, use a large ladle to spoon the batter on to your heated pan. Try to maintain a circular shape. If the cake spreads too quickly on the pan, add more pancake mix to your batter. If it’s too thick and barley spreads, add more water.
  4. Once small holes develop across the entire cake, about 1-2 minutes, it’s time to flip with a spatula. Cook on other side for another minute or two.
  5. Remove your first pancake on to a plate and taste it! I always do this to check the consistency and to ensure I’ve cooked it long enough. Adjust as needed for the rest of your batch.
  6. Top with vegan coconut whipped cream and extra sprinkles. Enjoy 🙂

Estimated Nutrition based on one serving (two pancakes):
395 calories / 8g fat / 75g carbs / 6g protein

Simple Birthday Cake Pancakes


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