20 Characteristics of Highly Successful People


Here’s a little motivation for you before we kick off into the weekend. Successful people. They seem to know what’s important in life. We look up to them for various reasons, and we definitely crave the lives that they lead. We envy what they have, and try to mimic them by having similar items. But have you ever tried to mimic their behavior?

Here are 20 characteristics of the most successful people:

1. They do not waste their time gossiping.

Successful people know that this is an ugly behavior that only reveals how unbalanced the gossiper is in life. They are busier looking at the good in others.

2. They don’t compare themselves to random people on the internet.

Everyone is on their own path, separate from one another. They are inspired by some of these people they’ve never met, and not sulking in envy.

3. They support the success of others.

They know that another’s success is not going to dampen their own. If they want something, they are the only one responsible for obtaining it.

4. They never quit.

Successful people accept failures as learning lessons and move on. They never lose, but learn. They know that learning from mistakes is vital to their long lasting success.

5. They do not doubt themselves.

Have you ever listened to the popular entrepreneurial podcast by NPR called, “How I Built This?” The entrepreneurs are always asked if they ever doubted themselves in the process. The answer was always NO. Successful people know they are capable right from the start.no doubt.jpg

6. They know that small improvements everyday is the key to long term results.

Consistency is key to success. If you are not making strides, however big or small, every day toward your goal, you will not be successful.

7. They stop wishing and start doing.

It doesn’t matter if the plan isn’t perfected yet, they just get up and START DOING. The rest will come. 36aa3e317da78eded34297db1def40ee.jpg

8. They always ask themselves, “how can I be better?”

They don’t waste time thinking about their bad day, or bad week. They do not stop improving. Can you answer this question with a list of improvement for yourself?

9. They don’t take things personally.

There will be “haters” or doubters. Heck, sometimes family and friends are the worst critics, but this doesn’t stop them from pursuing their goals. Successful people know that there will be skeptics, and they push on anyway.

10. They understand they must make sacrifices now for the life they want later.

Sometimes this means less personal time and more time towards your goals. This could apply to new parents wanting to be the best they can be, or new business owners working hard to grow their company. Whatever the goal, successful people understand that sacrifices must be made.

11. They pay attention to those who believe in them.

They know who their supporters are and love them the most. Despite what some people say, nobody becomes successful alone.

12. They surround themselves with positive people.

Successful people don’t waste their time with negative people who doubt their efforts. They know that the people they spend the most time with are the people they will become the most like. So they spend the most time with  positive people with similar success.f0ff6a78b6ecf77e234ae1ba537673b9.jpg

13. They learn from others.

Successful people are not too prideful for advice and help. They learn from others mistakes before making the same mistakes themselves.

14. They are not discouraged by their current situation.

In fact, they are thankful for their hard times because those times made them stronger. Successful people find appreciation for their struggles. Can you say the same?


15. They embrace criticism.

How else can we learn and become better?

16. They do not waste their free time.

They are busy working on their goals. There’s no such thing as true “free time” when there are dreams to be sought after.

17. They are stronger than their excuses.

Excuses are natural. Most people will come up with several valid excuses as to why they can’t do something. Maybe it’s not the right time? Or maybe it costs too much money up front? Successful people are stronger than these excuses. They will make it happen regardless.

18. They get out of their comfort zone.

Nothing grows in the comfort zone. Nothing.

19. They don’t limit success to a paycheck.

Success can be doing what you love every day, raising kind children, volunteering your time to an important cause, writing a book, losing excess weight, etc. The possibilities to be successful are endless. But the common denominator is being happy in every successful endeavor.

20. They freaking love themselves!

And not in the cocky way either. They are confident. They know that how they treat themselves is how others will treat them. They respect themselves enough to be kind and happy towards themselves and others.


Was this helpful to you? Have any other tips? Let me know in the comments or simply like this post! Your feedback helps me create stronger content. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this. And don’t forget to follow along on Instagram @lifewaterfit. Happy lifting, and namaste.



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